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Don't know if it's real...
Or if im just hallucinating again.



It's a cliche, "the eyes are the window to the soul."
But why do we forget the soul and the heart of ourselves?
Always looking for someone to love and for someone to love us back.
You have to learn to love yourself first.
Seeing everything around you, realizing how small you are.
What you've already been through seems like nothing at all.
Stare into your own soul and find your place in this big world.



theres this thing about trees,
in the winter they freeze.
they seem to be dead,
in that cold winter bed.
but spring arrives,
makes them come alive.
i hope that like trees,
you'll continue to strive.
when you feel like you're  down,
you can only hope for the best.
just do what you can,
forget about the rest.



why am I feeling so anxious about this??
let the seasons pass
and carry on.


Latest Work!

 Some of my latest lithography, relief, and intaglio prints!

Please comment and let me know what you think!
Untitled, Lithograph
Floral, Relief

Donut, Relief

Hanging Dreams, Relief

Hanging Stars, Relief
Spring, Relief

Space Tea, Intaglio


finding myself again

just some thoughts i've had recently...always trying to change my outlook on things.

this city,
this province,
this country,
this planet,
this solar system,
this universe.

what's holding us back from everything and anything we want to do?

what are we scared of?
are we scared of what others think?
or about what we think of ourselves?


just too short

life's already short....

wasting time and falling in love will make it even shorter.



in the midst of your busy life,
remember to breathe.
when you wake up every morning,
be thankful that you're still here.
for those who you take advantage of,
appreciate them.

learn to stay positive about everything.
not everything goes your way.
but think of all the times when it has,
and remember to breathe.



I'm falling this time

Falling like this, falling for you
Even if you can’t catch me
Falling once again, falling for you
Can’t you embrace me?
- John Park, Falling


the hardest way

it's so easy falling in love
falling out of love?
not so much.



First from ESSIETING, Sc-ting Market's accessories collection! These simple tote bags are inspired by the light colours of summer. The bows are all handsewn by yours truly ♥ Check out my market on Facebook if you would like one!


sequins and bows

So I finally had the time to do some DIY-ing and made this cute tee. Its pretty simple, but definitely time consuming! I stuck shiny mint-coloured sequins on the little pocket on the front. I made a big cutout on the back of the shirt and sewed on cute handmade bows. Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather as much as I am!